SEO Tips: How to chose the right domain name?

working on a laptop - a moment to think

10 rules for a domain name: 

  1. Short: 15 characters or less.
  2. Easy to remember.
  3. Relative to your business. Ideally your domain will include your business keywords.
  4. Painless to spell.
  5. Don’t use numbers or dashes, as they create confusion.
  6. For local businesses include your city, state or region.
  7. Use .com if available.
  8. Alternatives extensions ideas: .guru, .shop, .biz, .oc 
  9. You can use GoDaddy suggestions on keywords as your research tool.
  10. Make sure it doesn’t look funny.

Learn through samples

Domain name that looks funny

For example, looks funny. It has good keywords (free, easy, tips). Yet, I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad domain. Maybe it looks funny in a good way. What do you think?

GoDaddy keywords check

Let’s check and using GoDaddy.
On the images below, you can see how GoDaddy reveals keywords values based on domain sale data. It’s interesting to note that “Dream” was valued at $1,826 but Dreams wasn’t recognized as a valuable keyword by GoDaddy. Why do you think that is?

domain test with godaddy -highlights-
domain test with GoDaddy -highlights-
domain test with godaddy -highlights-
domain test with GoDaddy -highlights-

Questions to Consider

Why “Yes” wasn’t identified as a valuable keyword in the first test?

According to GoDaddy “Dream” is a valuable keyword, while “Dreams” isn’t. Can it be that it’s good to have single focus to achieve one dream? What about dreams?

Why do you think valued higher? (good one!)

GoDaddy domain - face your dreams
GoDaddy domain – has high value

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