Oscars 2020


Have you seen 2020 Oscars? Are you puzzled?

Here’s me trying to make sense of 2020 Oscars.

They picked a winner who still gets excited looking at an Oscar in his hand.

Most of the movie people seem to be disillusioned with the big business of making a Film.

But think about it… now people might see Oscar winning movies from other categories!
I mean, can you see an average American going to see a picture with subtitles?*

Yet, there was rebellious moments at 2020 Oscars. Joaquin Phoenix Speech. He used his one in a life time speech, and talked about a suffering of a cow at the event playing McDonald’s Big-Mack commercials.  

As for Jojo Rabbit… it made me laugh and cry! Jews are good, Germans are good, Americans win the war… Russians are still bad guys (but you need to pay close attention to understand that). It has life, action, friendship, love, dance, book burning… and it makes you think! It’s genius!
But, can you convince people to see another movie about the Holocaust?… maybe 💗…

Questions to Consider

  •  *Why didn’t they voice over the Parasite? (they do it in Russia on all foreign films)
  • Would Joaquin Phoenix Speech convert you to be a vegetarian? Probably not… today. But you might eat less meat, which will help you to be healthy too!

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