How do you find your Passion?

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
~ Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

How do you find your passion?

Let’s start by asking, what do you love to do?
For me, it’s giving an advice! It brings me joy to give advice!
Also I love solving problems, injustice, eliminating a little bit of pain… it brings me joy too!

Now, ask yourself, what do people say you are too much of? Again, for me, it’s talking a lot and giving a lot of advice!… And being extra upset when I see injustice, pain, and suffering.

Oh, shoot those are the same! It can be the same for you. What you love doing can be something you’re too much of. No worries! It’s perfect! Now you know your passion! Find a creative outlet for it.

That is why I created this blog full of advice, with some poetry and fighting for justice sprinkled in. I can give advice, and share poetry with people who need it!
I also have 20+ years of experience in Software Development. I’m combining my passion and my experience!

What is your passion? What do you have a lot experience in? Can you combine the two? Can you do what you love and earn a good living?

My advice is to say Yes! Say Yes to Your Dreams!

Yes, right?… now let’s be serious! Real dreams require actions, they require plans, they require figuring out that very first step you can take.

What is your first step?

Questions to consider

How can you help other people while doing what you love? (yes, earning money is about energy exchange).

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