OOP: How do you explain Object Oriented Programming?

Book Selling as a sample for Object-oriented programming (OOP)
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Do you need to explain Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?

Objectoriented programming (OOP) is a programming organized around Objects (models) rather than Functions (actions). 

Bookshop Sample

Bookshop goal is to Sell Books.

As a book seller, you can concentrate on Selling (actions) or Books (objects).

Objects hold Information.

Actions are functions that let objects interact.

Questions to consider:

What information would the Book object hold?

Is collecting information about a book an action?

What comes first an object that holds information or an action for collecting object information?

What would happen if you collect all the information about your books, but don’t list them for sale?

How concentrating on objects (books) would help you be a better book seller?

How concentrating on actions (listing, selling, analyzing your sales) would help you be a better book seller?

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