Poem: My own obituary

3 years ago my teacher asked me to write my own obituary, as an exercise in a self-study… I wrote that I was a good mother…    Was I?    Am I?I’m not perfect!        Like every other mother…Please don’t judge me!Please don’t judge anyone!Even your… Read More ›

Oscars 2020

Have you seen 2020 Oscars? Are you puzzled? Here’s me trying to make sense of 2020 Oscars. They picked a winner who still gets excited looking at an Oscar in his hand. Most of the movie people seem to be… Read More ›

I want to stay awake…

One day      Or one night You wake up in the middle of your life…       and say…       What’s wrong?          Why are you crying?             What are you missing? Do you want to go back to sleep?             No!                  I want… Read More ›