Past Life Perspective


Can you imagine that you already lived many, many lives?
How crazy and amazing, yet very possible this can be!

In comparison to your previous life times, your current one would be seen as more comfortable and even easy. (If you live in a “developed” part of the world.)
Please don’t roll up your eyes… Let’s see why I say this.

  • You have drinking water flowing out of your facet. Yes, you can even bath in warm drinking water!*
  • You don’t struggle to get food. It can even be delivered to your door. Yes, fruits and vegetables all year round!*
  • You have freedom of religion.*
  • You have freedom of sex.* Yep, not to carry away with it (let’s keep it PG-13), but being yourself in bed… that’s a big one!
  • You can study with best teachers in the world for a min amount of money.*
  • You can meditate with best teachers guiding you.*
  • You can read best books and purchase them instantly. You can even have books read to you. *

* If you live in a “developed” part of the world.

Amazing, right?

What is asked of you in return? What is asked of me in return?

To buy more and more, to read more and more, to study more and more, to meditate more…

I have to be honest, it’s overwhelming. I feel that I’m failing all the time. I don’t feel that what I do or have is enough.

Why is that?

What if we’re programmed by the society to be unhappy, to feel we don’t have enough. Why would we buy more if we know we have enough?

I looked at my closet. I have more clothes than generations of my ancestors combined! I don’t need more… I really don’t! I just need to remember that.

What about you? Do you have enough? Can you feel that you do? Can you feel that you are enough? You are!

What about more books, meditation time, workshops.. aka the self-improvement?
It’s good to work on yourself, but let’s give ourselves a break. We can’t read all the books, take all the classes, meditate with all of the amazing teachers who offer it to us. We’re human! Some things AI can do better than us after all. Let’s use that new Artificial Intelligence thing that’s available to us in this life time… let’s be friends with AI; let’s use Google when we need help… and slow down with this self improvement!

What else do you need?

Do you crave a community? Real life community! It feels that we don’t have this anymore. But I can tell you, that you can find a community by joining a Yoga studio, or a Meditation circle, or a Toastmasters club. When it comes to Toastmasters, they’ll let you talk for 5-7 min while everyone listens to you! Toastmasters give you attention, support, acceptance – isn’t it what we all crave?

Return to Love book by Marianne Williamson and monarch butterfly - encourages you to read this book
Return to Love book by Marianne Williamson

What else? Love? Do people still fall in love? Yes!

But let’s be honest here too. We meet wonderful partners, but we feel they are not enough. Our ancestors would roll their eyes! We allowed to love and express our love… yet, we still struggle with it. We don’t think we’re good enough, or our wonderful partners are good enough. Can we appreciate our partners more?

Can we change our perspective for a moment, and realize how lucky we are?

Imaging you already lived for many, many life time.
I think this Past Life perspective makes it easier to appreciate this Life and to stay Alive!

Questions to Consider

  • Can your fears be based on the experiences from the previous life times?
Geeky Girl - who was she in the previous life
Geeky Girl – Who was she in a Previous Life?

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