Walking Your Camino de Santiago in 2020

walking in the rain

Have you ever considered a pilgrimage?
Have you wished to leave your regular life and travel around the world?
Have you dreamed of walking Camino de Santiago?

2020 isn’t the best year to travel the world. Should you wait for a better time or should you travel the way it is possible this year?

Can you walk Camino de Santiago without going to Spain and France?

Yes and No!

If you don’t travel, you won’t be able to dedicate all your time for your journey. When you walk the Camino, you don’t work, or cook, or tend to your children, pets, and flowers. You give yourself time to walk, to reflect, to clear your mind.
Yet, when you are done, you go back to your regular life, and you can easily fall into your old patterns.

If you “walk your Camino” wherever you are, then you have a chance to change in the middle of your regular life. It’s a very different journey, a journey of a house holder.

I think the main idea is to have a commitment to clearing your mind of all the noise and having this time just for yourself. Time when you walk and do nothing else. It might help you with self reflection, but even if it’s the time to let go of everything else, it would be precious.

I know that you might wish is to have other people on the same trail with you. You don’t want to be alone. You want to hear blessings, you hope to hear “Bueno Camino”. You will! As I do my little walks, I ran into yoga friends, and Toastmasters friends, and just nice people. What are the chances? Running into people are my little miracles. They reminded me that this World is magical and amazing!

Are you ready to “walk your Camino” in 2020?

Watch Caroline Myss on YouTube: “All people walk in the same direction, with the purpose, with Grace, with Faith, with a Believe that “Something bigger than us was governing their life”

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