Love: Return to Love!

This time feels special…Yet, I shared with my daughter today, that it feels familiar to me… I lived through food shortages, rats, and fires after USSR collapsed… My advice (I know everyone is holding their breath to hear it)… Listen… Read More ›

Love-Fear Exercise

Update 3/21/2020“The opposite of Fear is not Love …. the opposite of fear is Compassion!” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert I’ve learned about this exercise during the workshop with Gary Quinn and Tim Braun. Try it! Stand up and open your arms… Read More ›

Oscars 2020

Have you seen 2020 Oscars? Are you puzzled? Here’s me trying to make sense of 2020 Oscars. They picked a winner who still gets excited looking at an Oscar in his hand. Most of the movie people seem to be… Read More ›