Ashtanga: All is here… Always… But Your Time is Limited

Rocktanga, website in memory of Shayna Liebbe
Rocktanga, website in memory of Shayna Liebbe

“Do your practice and all is coming.” ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
“Now you’re doing” – Shayna Liebbe

Did you know Shayna Liebbe?

What’s happening right now with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reminded me of Shayna Liebbe.
It also reminded me of the message I got from my Ashtnaga yoga teacher Diana Christinson and her husband Richard Beatie: “Your time is limited!”

Why? When Shayna changed from Mission Viejo YogaWorks to Laguna Beach YogaWorks, I didn’t follow her. Yet, I kept thinking, that I’ll get to Laguna Beach one day. I had time… All the time in the World! Right?……………..Wrong… I didn’t… I didn’t get a chance to take Ashtanga class with Shayna at YogaWorks Laguna Beach….

………..but….. 10.5 years later…. I come to Pacific Ashtanga…. and I’m back at YogaWorks. It was my hero’s journey and I came back home. Now I have two homes. Lucky me!

I wish I took more classes with Shayna Liebbe… don’t you?

… but you know what?…. you can still take classes with Diana Christinson, and with Bob Metzler, and with Debbie Berardi Christensen, and with Savita Geuther, and with Timea Agnew, and with Aimee Echo, and Jessica Kellogg Seabern, and with Christine E. Taylor, and with Sandhiya Ramaswamy …. I can’t list everyone…

Who do You want to take a Yoga class with… today?

Your Time is Limited and Precious….

Don’t waste it counting rolls of toilet paper… Yoga does Work!.. and I Love Toastmasters! My speech on the same subject:

Questions to Consider

One more question… Do you like poetry? I wrote “All is coming…” poem, because I think All is here… I’m sure I need to meditate, pray and do breath work now!

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