How to Love

Puppet Therapy

Do you have challenges understanding yourself? I developed a “Puppet Therapy” in the summer of 2019. I now know, that it was developed before me. Yet, “Puppet Therapy” was the idea that revealed itself to me. Puppet Therapy helped me… Read More ›

Poem: Как мало нужно чтобы быть Асолью – Scarlet Sails

Please scroll to see English version of this poem. Poem is written by Sofia Ageyeva, when she was 17-18, studying in Mendeleev University in Moscow, RussiaCтихотворение написано Соней Агеевой на первом курсе Менделеевского Унирверситета (лет мне было 17-18) Как много… Read More ›

Poem: Men Cry…

Men Cry…     But only alone…        When no one can see… Mostly, They fake being strong… What do they really need? Sex? Love? Hugs? All of the above…. So…. They go on a Journey      to find… LOVE Again and again…They give… Read More ›