Puppet Therapy

Puppet Therapy
Puppet Therapy

Do you have challenges understanding yourself?

I developed a “Puppet Therapy” in the summer of 2019.

I now know, that it was developed before me. Yet, “Puppet Therapy” was the idea that revealed itself to me.

Puppet Therapy helped me and I hope it can help you too!

When I get confused, and need to find my real feelings, I use my puppets. They help me to see what I’m hiding behind all the conditioning I have. They help me to hear myself from a different perspective, to be honest with myself.

One time, I used Puppet Therapy with my relationship. My Head Puppet, Sonya, told me that it’s as simple as “Men don’t like smart women!” I stopped when I heard that, and cried. This was something I secretly believed in… Yet… my Heart Puppet, Sofia, disagreed, and said that even though it might be the case with a lot of men… they might prefer “clueless” women (or women who play “clueless”)… This one man I date is different! He is amazing! He was upset with me not because I am smart, he just needed to be heard that day… and I was still learning to Listen.

You can try Puppet Therapy too! There are options for Men and Women! I saw it work for children as well, but one should be careful with children.

Would you consider Puppet Therapy?

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