Puppet Therapy

Puppet Therapy
Puppet Therapy

Do you have challenges understanding yourself?

I developed a “Puppet Therapy” in the summer of 2019.

I now know, that it was developed before me. Yet, “Puppet Therapy” was the idea that revealed itself to me.

Puppet Therapy helped me and I hope it can help you too!

When I get confused, and need to find my real feelings, I use my puppets. They help me to see what I’m hiding behind all the conditioning I have. They help me to hear myself from a different perspective, to be honest with myself.

One time, I used Puppet Therapy with my relationship. My Head Puppet, Sonya, told me that it’s as simple as “Men don’t like smart women!” I stopped when I heard that, and cried. This was something I secretly believed in… Yet… my Heart Puppet, Sofia, disagreed, and said that even though it might be the case with a lot of men… they might prefer “clueless” women (or women who play “clueless”)… This one man I date is different! He is amazing! He was upset with me not because I am smart, he just needed to be heard that day… and I was still learning to Listen.

You can try Puppet Therapy too! There are options for Men and Women! I saw it work for children as well, but one should be careful with children.

Would you consider Puppet Therapy?


If you use VS 2019  version 16.8 or higher, the process has changed. Please see MS Announcement on Git Experience in VS.

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