Toastmasters: Table Topics – Gratitude

Congratulations on your Pathways Level Completion

Gratitude can be a good theme for Toastmasters Table Topics.

Some of the questions are based on the Gratitude List from the article People Who Can’t Say They’re Thankful for These 7 Things Will Have a Very Hard Time in 2021 by Bill Murphy.

Question # 1

Who are the people in your life that you’re grateful for? 

The author of the article, Bill Murphy, points out that “Our lives are largely the sum total of our relationships”. He also suggests to be grateful not only to friends and family but to people you’d call “challenging” as well.

Question # 2

Can you be grateful for pain and longing… and Why?

When you think of Gratitude, most likely pain and longing won’t be something that comes to your mind. Why would you be grateful for it? Yet, maybe the key to Gratitude is to find it in things we wouldn’t wish on ourselves.

Bill Murphy, suggested two reasons to be grateful for the pain and longing. First, it allows us to understand others as they’re going though the challenges. Second, it provides the opportunity of learning, growing, and moving forward to fix the pain in our lives.

Question #3

Have you ever been grateful for your failures? 

That’s an interesting one to contemplate. Think about one of your failures… you can’t change what happened, but can you be grateful for the lessons, for the experiences, for finding the strength to move forward?

Question #4

 Do you think Gratitude is a habit? 

Can your life feel happier if find yourself being grateful more often? How can you do it? Article suggests that “It’s about developing a habit of looking for the positive and the good–and then articulating why you’re grateful for it all.”

How do you build Gratitude habit? I learned Gratitude Practice from my teacher Diana Christinson and it helped me over the years.

Question #5

Can you be grateful for hope and faith?

Per Bill Murphy “… hope and faith go hand in hand. They’re prerequisites to optimism. And optimistic people are the ones who achieve the greatest success and happiness in life.” Do you agree? What are your hopes for 2021? Do you feel grateful for being able to look forward to next year with hope and faith?

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