Poem: What is Happening in the World?

Children Version – What is Happening in the World? – April will come

What’s happening in the world?

It’s just another winter…  

Just another winter?….
Is that what you think?

Yes, I do!
That’s what my calendar tells me…

Ok… what will happen next?

April will come…

Are you sure that April will come?

Yes, I’m sure!
I’ve heard a bird singing… that’s a good sign that April will come…

But what should we do?

We should live our lives!!
Get our summer dresses and hats ready!

Do you think we’ll get to wear them?

I think we should get them ready…
We should try our summer dresses on today!!!

… Because there’s no plan B and there’s no planet B…

Please put on your summer dress 👗!.!..
Give me your hand…
Dance 💃🏻 with me… my beautiful partner…

The music is playing… give me your hand…

And 1-2-3… 1-2-3… 1-2-3…

Translation from Russian of poem by Yuriy Levitanskii – Dialog next to a Christmas Tree

Longer somewhat children version… uses “American History for Dummies” Book

RUSSIAN version:

Оригинальное Стихотворение Юрия Левитанского – Диалог у новогодней елки https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%94%…https://rupoem.ru/levitanskij/chto-pr… It became famous in Russian as a song in a movie “Moscow doesn’t believe in Tears” Текст песни Никитиных – Что происходит на свете (Диалог у новогодней елки) https://teksty-pesenok.ru/rus-nikitin…

Questions to Consider

  • Is Beatles song “All we need is Love” a prayer?
  • Can a presidential candidate guide a meditation?
… May there be less unnecessary suffering in this World…
[…] Know that only Love is real… 💗

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