Journey: Walking Home – Letter to my Ashtanga Teacher, Diana Christinson and to her support team, Tamara and Jacque

“Do your practice and all is coming.” ― Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

[I wrote this letter in March of 2019 – at the beginning of the Pandemic. It was a blessing for Pacific Ashtanga community that Diana Christenson started Zoom classes when yoga studios all over the world had to close.]

Diana, thank you so much for the Conference and Primary today! It made my day!

… it also got me out of bed (last week wasn’t an easy one)…
I now I feel that Primary Series in my body… this good pain that heals. I missed Ashtanga. It is the best friend I have.
Thank you!
Thank you Tamara for all the work on Pacific Ashtanga YouTube channel! We had 83 people who joined Conference on Zoom today… Tamara, you’ve been this loving, amazing helper all this years… Thank you!

Thank you Jacque for the Zoom magic. It worked! I know you put so much love and care into setting it all up! Zoom is the way to Go! Toastmasters are moving into Zoom too! I love Toastmasters!

To be honest, during the Conference, I added a couple of comments into the Zoom chat… you know me – I had to : )
One of the comments was a link to “FINDING JOE” movie, which was made available for Free on YouTube (just yesterday): 

That is inspiring! I think a part of this Journey is that people will stop hoarding… be that money, their rights to a movie, their knowledge…  (yet, I started to hoard food…. I have an excuse, I lived through food shortage in Russia, while I was pregnant… God Help me!…) 
Anyway… Did you know that “FINDING JOE” movie was made by “Pat and Pat Inc.”? I didn’t know that! When I turned my laptop back on at the end of the day, I saw it… I had to take a screen-shot…. and I took screen-shots of your conference too… I think I’m hoarding moments now… I want to take a photo of every moment… I want to record every moment so I don’t forget it… It’s getting out of hands as I can’t find anything after all… yet… If I can share just one screen-shot with you…. this one! About Pat and Pat Inc. == It’s worth it!!!
I see connections between things. Everything is connected! It’s somewhat overwhelming. Eric Berg told me to just go with it. He said that those connections were always there, but you just noticed them now. I guess it’s true in the case of this screen-shot:

FINDING JOE – Pat and Pat Inc. – Patricia ❤

The scary part is, that I can write forever on any subject… unfortunately… I can talk forever too… or maybe it’s Ok… Parisa sent me a post card last summer after our Love BIG Project workshop… the Post Card says:

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

I’m learning to accept myself being me…. yet, to become better version of myself… 
All I wanted was to share one link and one screen-shot… and here we are… I totally gonna steal this message and put it on my blog… this way I’ll complete one thing today… well… I competed Primary too… and I recorded my Primary… I told you I hoard moments… my phone is running out of space now… it scares me…. I copy files to my DropBox… I still hope files on the Cloud will stay there after we come Home from this Journey… 
And I listen to Caroline Myss… she said that “We can change all of this in the Blink of an Eye”. We just need to do some Reflection work and become better versions of ourselves. Your Conference message was the same: become better version of yourself and “support each other to be better.”

Thank you!!! I love Ashtanga! It works…

What is coming next? What is this Journey going to bring us?
Who knows… I say, Yes! I’m ready to Say Yes! to the Adventure!

Thank you!!!
~ Sofia Ageyeva, 3/22/2020

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