Poem: Как мало нужно чтобы быть Асолью – Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Sails - Saipan
Scarlet (Crimson) Sails, 500 Sails, Saipan

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Poem is written by Sofia Ageyeva, when she was 17-18, studying in Mendeleev University in Moscow, Russia
Cтихотворение написано Соней Агеевой на первом курсе Менделеевского Унирверситета (лет мне было 17-18)

Как много надо, чтобы стать Ассолью:
Нужна душа чистейшая как снег,
Нужна фантазия огромная как море…
И кроме этого обычный человек…

Просто Грей! Умеющий любить!
Просто Грей! Умещий понять!
Просто Грей!
Пришедший из мечты…
И мечту готовый исполнять.

И тогда взовьется алый парус!
Много ль надо… только две души
Только две надежны и две веры…
Только все же, Грей, ты поспеши!

Translation by Sofia Ageyeva, 3/25/2020

So much is asked of you to be Soll!
You need a soul clear like a fresh snow…
You need an imagination as big as an Ocean…
And… you need a Man… not a prince Charming!

You need a Man who knows how to Love!
You need a Man who knows how to Listen! (God help him!)
You need a Man, who comes from your dream to Life…
You need a Friend… a Lover… a Listener…
What does he need from you?
To be Friend… a Lover… a Listener…

Then… two of you will see Scarlet Sails!
You don’t need too much for that…
Just two souls…
Two hopes, and two faiths…
But oh Man! Can you please hurry?
… But dear David… How could I know, that I had to wait until I’m 49?

I will wait for You!

PS. David… I will wait… but I don’t have another 49 years left… what about 1 year max this time?
and I am learning to listen… the reason I don’t listen to anyone is because I know what they are going to say before they say it… but… they don’t know what they are going to say themselves yet…

I guess I need to learn to listen so people would hear what they were going to say… even if what they say is peculiar!

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