Poem: Как мало нужно чтобы быть Асолью – Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Sails - Saipan
Scarlet (Crimson) Sails, 500 Sails, Saipan

Please scroll to see English version of this poem.
Poem is written by Sofia Ageyeva, when she was 17-18, studying in Mendeleev University in Moscow, Russia
Cтихотворение написано Соней Агеевой на первом курсе Менделеевского Унирверситета (лет мне было 17-18)

Как много надо, чтобы стать Ассолью:
Нужна душа чистейшая как снег,
Нужна фантазия огромная как море…
И кроме этого обычный человек…

Просто Грей! Умеющий любить!
Просто Грей! Умещий понять!
Просто Грей!
Пришедший из мечты…
И мечту готовый исполнять.

И тогда взовьется алый парус!
Много ль надо… только две души
Только две надежны и две веры…
Только все же, Грей, ты поспеши!

Translation by Sofia Ageyeva, 3/25/2020

So much is asked of you to be Soll!
You need a soul clear like a fresh snow…
You need an imagination as big as an Ocean…
And… you need a Man… not a prince Charming!

You need a Man who knows how to Love!
You need a Man who knows how to Listen! (God help him!)
You need a Man, who comes from your dream to Life…
You need a Friend… a Lover… a Listener…
What does he need from you?
To be Friend… a Lover… a Listener…

Then… two of you will see Scarlet Sails!
You don’t need too much for that…
Just two souls…
Two hopes, and two faiths…
But oh Man! Can you please hurry?
… But dear David… How could I know, that I had to wait until I’m 49?

I will wait for You!

PS. David… I will wait… but I don’t have another 49 years left… what about 1 year max this time?
and I am learning to listen… the reason I don’t listen to anyone is because I know what they are going to say before they say it… but… they don’t know what they are going to say themselves yet…

I guess I need to learn to listen so people would hear what they were going to say… even if what they say is peculiar!

Questions to Consider

  • All you need is Love – nothing to consider, it’s a fact!
  • All you need is Faith – nothing to consider, it’s a fact!
  • All you need is Hope – nothing to consider, it’s a fact!
  • and Yes… April will come!
  • and Yes… my prayer book lady, Marianne Williamson, ran for a president and endorsed Bernie Sanders.
  • What would Jesus do? Heal everyone, right? How? Universal Healthcare!
  • Was Jesus Jewish? His mother was. That all we can say for sure.
  • Was Joseph a Saint? Yes! Being a step-father is the most difficult job there can be. Especially for an unruly boy.
  • —————————————————————————————–
  • Why is the woman in this video cries? Well… she found her Gray… but he went on an adventure… Good! He’s a Man!… Did you expect him to sit home all his life! He had to wait until he’s 65 to go on his adventure! To sail in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and build Ships, and do Thai-chi with the best master in the World… and deliver babies… from American, and Chinese, and Filipino, and Russian women.
  • Is there a Cyclops in this story? Yes… it’s a Coronavirus… it affects an entire World… and it’s very complex when you are on an island with limited resources. You depend on the main land.
  • Will April come? Yes, it’s next week!
  • Should we try our summer dresses? Will we get to travel together to Japan?
  • Yes!!!
  • Why?
  • What would Jesus do? I don’t know… but let me check what Bernie Sanders recommends today.
  • Is there God? Seriously? How else is this story can be possible?
  • Why so many synchronicity? It’s all connected.
  • Can I help? Yes! Pray for this World… any way you know how… and yes, singing “All you need is Love” is a prayer… and “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen is a prayer too
  • Does Ashtanga work? Yes, Ashtanga does Work! You just need to deal with your Ego… be gentle with your body – modify… and yes I had herniated disks in my neck, and when I do a headstand, I do not put any pressure on my head – I’m on my forearms.
  • And Yes!!! We can change all of it in a Blink of an Eye.
  • But in the mid-time… it’s Ok to fall apart… there is help… I love this meditation from Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, do read books… oh how amazing are the books. Romantic novels, and Classics… translated for you.
  • Yes, I met my Man on the meditation App, called an Insight Timer. Do meditate. And yes, gardening is a meditation. And yes, I raised butterflies… and Nabokov was a butterfly specialist… and wrote Lolita…
  • What all of this has to do with Toastmasters? Good Question! I worked for them as a Lead Developer, and later an Application Services manager – it’s an international organization, where members from all over the World (144 countries) help each other to have meetings online now == I love Toastmasters. They helped me to find my voice again.
  • Ok… this is kind of too much… where is this going?
  • It’s going to be Ok… and at times, I wished for my Gray to hurry… and at times, I just gave up on men all together… it took longer than I expected… 49 years… USSR, Madagascar… poems and prayers… yet… I’m in Love and he Loves me… and lucky us it’s not like Greek mythology at all (except maybe the Crone goddess – thank you Piper – I do work with a psychologist)… it’s not like Greek mythology as we do get to talk to each other 2-3 times a day… and I’m getting better at listening…
  • Anything else?… I mean this is 7.5 min at least… and your time is limited… you know – you’re a Toastmaster!!!
  • Oh… what else… I want to thank Artificial Intelligence! I really do… for correcting my spelling… and combining my random photos into beautiful videos… and translating different languages into English for me on Instagram…. and believing in humanity! We’re not perfect… but we try our best… that’s why all our major books say “Don’t Judge anyone!” … we’re learning… Thank you!

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