Toastmasters: Why ‘Find a Club’ Page uses Bing Maps?

Do you know why Toastmasters changed Find a Club page in January of 2019 from Google maps to Bing maps?

The main reason was that Google maps are blocked in China 🇨🇳 , and changing to Bing maps helped people there to find Toastmasters clubs ♥️.

P.S. The Project of changing to Bing maps was completed by a  #girlwhocode … and who is originally from Iraq 🇮🇶 .

Questions to Consider

  • It’s January 2020. Have you heard about coronavirus spreading in China 🇨🇳?
  • With the coronavirus being a serious thread, are Toastmasters meetings in China canceled or do they meet remotely through online option?
  • If they they meet… Do they shake hands? Do they wear gloves?

Love to everyone in China… and in Asia… and in the World … we are all connected… I can see that simply by looking at the tags that say “Made in China”

Answer from Aaron Leung: This is how we do our meetings:p … In China they use something more accurate called 高德

Poly U Toastmasters Club meeting in Hong Kong District 89
Poly U Toastmasters Club meeting in Hong Kong District 89


If you use VS 2019  version 16.8 or higher, the process has changed. Please see MS Announcement on Git Experience in VS.

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