What is the largest seed pod in the world?

See Beans with words Love, Hope, and little quotes engraved on them
Amazing Sea Beans photo from Blossom and Birch Trading Co

Amazing Sea Beans are seeds of the Monkey ladder vine, which grows in Central and South America and Africa. It has the largest seed pod in the world.
The seeds fall out of the pod onto the forest floor, then they’re washed into streams and eventually out into the sea.
Because they float, the Amazing Sea Beans travel all around the world, carried by the current, eventually washing up on beaches, where they’re harvested by families who sell them to help support themselves.
The environment isn’t harmed in any way by the harvesting of the Sea Beans.


Blossom and Birch Trading Co

Questions to consider:

What’s an advantage of Amazing Sea Beans traveling far away?

Do you want to learn more about Amazing Sea Beans?

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