Do not judge anyone…

“Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect – and I don’t live to be – but before you start pointing fingers…!” ― Bob Marley

Is it possible to not judge anyone?

Let’s start by asking: Who did you judge today?
Who did I judge today? Can I just simply notice and say… Don’t judge anyone!

Don’t judge anyone… even people who don’t pick up poop after their dogs… maybe they have lower back problems.

Don’t judge me for not including full quote from Bob Marley… I didn’t want you to have a negative reaction. I wanted you to read my post.

Oh, shoot! Is it possible that what we judge, is something we’d like to do but can’t, so we judge others… For example, do I really like to pick up the poop after my daughters’ dog Mr. Magoo?

So… Don’t judge anyone for just one day!

Yeah, right?… now let’s be serious! It’s just impossible! No worries! It’s all perfect!
Simply noticing and saying “Don’t judge anyone” is the key.
You can start by simply noticing.

Say Yes to simply noticing when you judge! … and then… say Yes to being Ok when others judge you!

P.S. yeah, right… like no one will judge me adding amazon associate links to my site… am I judging myself for trying to make money?… oh shoot! Do you want to make money by sharing things you love?

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