Toastmasters: Honest Review based on IT Team Brain writing exercise done in Nov 2018

Toastmasters clap as a way to support each other
Toastmasters clap as a way to support each other => I Love Toastmasters!

I worked for Toastmasters for about 2.5 years (2016-2019) as a Lead Software Developer and then Application Services manager.

From what I recall, in 2018, IT department went through a brain writing exercise*. Year later, most of the people who participated in the exercise, are no longer with the company. It’s complex…

If you’d like to know more please read Glassdoors Reviews about Toastmasters International. Reviews in 2018/2019 are written from the heart. People being honest and vulnerable. Ex-employees of Toastmasters International share stories about narcissism resulting in unfair treatments, harassment, depression, and even a suicide attempt.

As a Toastmaster, I know that to make a point, you need to tell a story. Please see my YouTube Video about setting Intentions**:

Life is complex. How do you want to live it? How do I want to live it?

The Universe always there to help! It gives us challenges, and gives us clues on how to solve them. At times Universe gives us answers in plain language we are able to understand.

I went to Bhagavad Gita workshop yesterday, and the topics was “Surrender”. Here is a note from it: “To surrender the Ego is to trust… to trust that everything will be Ok without your effort.”

I’m grateful that there is this wise book. I’m grateful for it to be translated. I’m grateful that Gandhi wrote commentary to it. I’ll read more and… pray more.

I still love Toastmasters.
I want my Life to be about sharing Light and Love… and Letting Go… Surrendering….
And today… I called the man I love… and he helped me to sort it all out!

* Brain writing refers to an exercise when people anonymously brainstorm on a specific topic, building on each other ideas. It’s expected that the results will help to solve the problem at hand.

** Unfortunately I have more Toastmasters stories than Love stories in my setting intentions video. Why? I put too much energy into TI when I worked there, and after as well. If I would to keep only Love story, it would be under 7.5 min : )

Questions to consider:

Do you want to be a Toastmaster? Find a Toastmasters Club near you!

Can you learn leadership by giving speeches about leadership?

What if the secret sauce of Toastmasters isn’t an educational material but a Club Experience?

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