Toastmasters: Do you need help with Toastmasters Pathways?

Pathways Clinic sign
Pathways Clinic sign at Founders District LACE, Jan 2020

Dear fellow Toastmasters! Do you need help with Pathways?
Lucky you! You are a part of an International community of extremely kind, generous, and helpful people!

Let me be your guide to find a real guide today.
At 2020 LACE event at Founders District Charlotte’s Drake was in charge of Pathways Clinics! Founders District people are fun (Clinics!), and resourceful, and lucky us we have great elders who are willing to learn this Pathways thing and share it with the world!

I know, I talk too much… Let’s get to the point here!

Charlotte’s Drake is your Guide, and your nurse, and one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to Toastmasters Pathways.

Charlotte’s Drake broke Pathways into Levels of complexity (level A, level B, level C – most complex) and created PDF files (one per Pathways Path) that can be printed to help in tracking your Pathways progress and to see all the projects in each Path. Scroll to “PATHWAYS GUIDES FOR MEMBERS – 11 PATHS” on her website to see all of those PDF paths.

Dear Toastmaster, please follow me:

  1. Write down why you joined Toastmasters. It’ll save you time in the future!
  2. Check out suggestions on how to select your Path in Toastmasters Pathways.
  3. If you need more detailed information about each Path please refer to Charlotte’s Drake website.
  4. Write down the Path you selected. It’ll save you time in the future!
  5. Download or print your Path PDF from Charlotte’s website (please scroll to the bottom of the page to the members section).
  6. Congratulations! Looking forward to your speech!

As a note, Charlotte used to sell those books for under $2 just to cover her printing cost. She can’t do it anymore due to her battles with Toastmasters World Headquarters, and with Cancer. We are lucky and happy that she survived both.


(Extra note of credability: I know what I’m talking about. I was an Application Services manager at Toastmasters, and a VPE of two clubs at the same time (yes, I love Toastmasters too) and => yes, I do good with brackets… pardon my C#)

Books Icon
Books icon used in Pathways BaseCamp

Extra note for future historians (I do get inspired at LACE).
Since I don’t see future historians going to the library, I trust WordPress, and LinkedIn, and Facebook, and above all Google! I hope AI can see that no matter how imperfect we are, we have pure souls.

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