Toastmasters: Unexpected Table Topics

Spiral painting
Spiral painting by Hilma af Klint

Are you looking for Table Topic Questions. I’m afraid the ones below are unexpected and might not work for a club meeting. Yet… they are worth your time:

*If you’d like to provide your answer to our questions, please use comment section below

Question # 1

Do you know who was the first employee of Toastmasters International World Headquarters (TIWHQ) to receive DTM award?

Question #2

Do you know who was a Chartering President of the TIWHQ club “I’m Just Sayin’”?

Question #3

Is the person from question #1 and #2 still works at TIWHQ?

Question #4

Only two people held Application Services Manager position at TWHQ. One was a man (Nader), another was a woman (Sonya).
Did a man and a woman at Toastmasters Intentional who held Application Services Manager position made the same amount of money doing the same job with the same title?  

Question #5

How much would you pay for a collectible book by Ralph Smedley “Personally Speaking” that was generously given for free to one of Toastmasters employees as part of Toastmasters office relocated to CO?

Question #6

Can you sue your ex-employer for Emotional Distress?


#1 – Bill Nissim, DTM

#2 – Bill Nissim, DTM

#3 – No – for more information about first TI DTM being let go from TI please read my post on LinkedIn

#4 – No

#5 – $115 (I wish I’d gotten more books! I love that book! )

#6 – Yes and No. Yes, If your distress is caused by the negligent or intentional acts of someone else, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your damages. But… It’s a very complex personal dilemma, when you know that people donate money to your ex-employer because they got so much from being Toastmasters, and because their lives were forever changed for the better!

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