Toastmasters: Do you need help with Toastmasters Pathways?

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Dear fellow Toastmasters … I know there are a lot of different websites that heal you from Pathways… one more is Charlotte’s Drake website

She broke Pathways into levels of complexity (level A, level B, level C – most complex) and created PDF files (one per path) that can be printed to help track Pathways progress and see all the projects in each Path. She used to print those and sell for $1.65 (something like that – under $2 for sure)… she’s unable to do it right now due to health issue… but what she’s done can HELP you, your club, your fellow Toastmasters, and guests…

  1. Write down why you joined Toastmasters. It’ll save you time in the future!
  2. Check out suggestions on how to select your Path in Toastmasters Pathways.
  3. If you need more detailed information about each Path please refer to Charlotte’s Drake website.
  4. Write down the Path you selected. It’ll save you time in the future!
  5. Congratulations!

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