Sonya Ageyeva: Professional Experience

Sonya Ageyeva, Sr. Software Developer
Sonya Ageyeva, Sr. Software Developer

My Name is Sonya Ageyeva and I’m a Sr. Software Engineer, aka Girl Who Codes.
I think, I’m a really good Software Engineer, but how do I prove that? It can be a challenge. Luckily, I’m also a Toastmaster. I know that every story needs a point, and every point needs a story.
Here is my story.

Are you a Toastmaster? Are you a Club Officer at Toastmasters? What do you think about Submit Payments page in Club Central (yes, it requires a login)? I worked on it with Alfred Wallace . It’s a good module, right? It better be! This is how Toastmasters collect membership dues from their 357,000 members. Another project I worked on was Online Club Chartering. Sally Al Ibrahim and I built it in 2018. As a result, you can start a new Toastmasters club online, instead of faxing in the paperwork. That’s an improvement!

Have you ever searched for a Price or a Value of Manufactured Home? There are just a couple of companies that provide this information. One of them is National Automobile Dealers Association – If you used them, you used Manufactured, Mobile and Modular Home Online Value Report page I built. The secret sauce is in the data, so I’ll give must deserved credit to the amazing Sherrie Clevenger. I know, it looks kind of old. It’s because I built it in November of 2010. It still works! And if it hasn’t been touched since then, I’d say, it works well!

Have you visited a gated community in Orange County, Luxury apartments in Texas, or a retirement community in Palm Springs? It’s quite likely, that you saw dwellingLIVE logo on the back of your guest pass. I worked there when it was a start up company. It started with two developers, Jeremy Spriggs and I. Right after I started dwellingLIVE got their second customer, the biggest gated community in US, Coto de Casa! It was an amazing experience! It took 3 weeks for me to build an email system allowing property managers to communicate with guards at the gate. It took 2 weeks to build the Store module on a community management website, letting property managers buy dwellingLIVE products using Paypal. That’s Agile development at its best!

Those are my stories. You can learn more about me from my Linked In Profile.

I also love to work on a team. I love connecting with people. It wasn’t always this way. I’m a geeky lady for sure. Lucky me, my story includes Toastmasters!

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