Toastmasters: How to Select a Path in Pathways?

Have you just joined Toastmasters club? Before your first speech, Icebreaker, you need to select a Path in Pathways. How do you select a Path? Easy! Just follow these steps.

  1. Write down why you joined Toastmasters. It’ll save you time in the future!
  2. Login to Members logging in for the first time, use the link – “Forgot password?”
  3. Click “Pathways” > “Choose a path” on the top menu.Toastmasters Choose a Path menu
  4. Select your Language
  5. Click “Select Digital Resources” OR “Select Printed Materials” (grey buttons).
  6. Click “Take Assessment” OR “View Path Options” tiles (grey buttons)
  7. Click “Continue” button. If you selected “Take Assessment” go to step 8, otherwise go to step 9.
  8. Take your assessment. If you took an assessment before, you can save time by clicking “Skip Assessment” link below the “Start” button.
  9. When on Recommended Paths page, read your answer to why you joined Toastmasters. If the answer is to improve your communication skills, select Presentation Mastery.
  10. If you need more detailed information about each Path please refer to Charlotte’s Drake website.
  11. When ready, click “Select {Path Name}” button on the Path you selected, and confirm your selection on the next page.
  12. Write down the Path you selected. It’ll save you time in the future!
  13. Go through the Shopping card process – Your first Path is Free : )
  14. Congratulations!

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