Toastmasters: How do you find Pathways Evaluation form?

Toastmasters Evaluation Form
Toastmasters Evaluation Form

Are you ready to give a speech and need to bring an evaluation form to the meeting with you? How do you find Pathways project Evaluation form? Easy! You have 3 options + Icebreaker option:

Option for an Icebreaker!

  1. Print Icebreaker Evaluation Form
  2. Congratulations!

    PS. Please don’t overthink it 💗. Memorize the beginning and the end… and trust that you can do it!
    PPS. I’m sure everyone will be supportive at your new club! 

Option # 1 – When you don’t have time!

  1. Print Generic Evaluation Form
  2. Congratulations!

Option #2 – Google (or your Search Engine of choice):

Note: You’ll need to know your Path and Project names.

  1. If you haven’t done that already, download your Path manual from Charlotte’s Drake website to keep your progress and see what project you’re on. It’ll save you time in the future!  
  2. Google (or Bing or Baidu) your path and project name. For example, “Toastmasters Icebreaker Evaluation form”,  and you’ll find what you need!
  3. Congratulations!

Option #3 – Use Base Camp:

  1. Login to Toastmasters Pathways online system “Base Camp.
  2. In Base Camp, scroll down to My Education Transcript section, find your project and click “Open Curriculum” link.
  3. Go through education material, and print an evaluation form there.
  4. Congratulations!

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