GoFundMe: How do you start a GoFundMe campaign?

GoFundMe the World's #1 Personal Fundraising Website
GoFundMe the World’s #1 Personal Fundraising Website

To start a GoFundMe campaign:

  • You need to remember that people want to help!  
  • You need to care about something deeply
  • You need a sense of humor (we all have it!)

GoFundMe Requirements (as of Summer 2019)

Contact Information 

  • ​Name
  • Email Address

Campaign Information 

  • ​Campaign Amount goal: $ (can be changed later. If you’re not sure, most campaigns start with $1,000)
  • Campaign Title (50 characters)
  • Are you raising for yourself or an organization?
  • Zip
  • Category
  • Photo
  • Tell your story / Explain why you’re raising money
    • Description
    • Video (optional)
    • Link (optional)

GoFundMe charges 2.9% transaction fee plus $.30 per donation. (as of Summer 2019)

Additional Information:

GoFundMe Link

  • Make sure your Link is short, and easy to remember.
  • For a personal campaign: use your name as part of the link.
  • For the charity campaign: use keywords as part of the link

For a charity, consider GoFundMe Charity List

Write / Get Feedback / Adjust

  • Consider using you passion and personal story
  • Consider adding humor
  • Write your first draft of the GoFundMe campaign text
  • Ask a couple of people you trust for the feedback.
  • Adjust your campaign based on the feedback.


  • Share that you really care.
  • Share with as many people as you can through as many different channels as you can.
  • Share your GoFundMe page your Instagram, your FaceBook, your city FaceBook…
  • Share with a story, passionate and personal
  • Consider provide something useful to your donors.
    • Add a link to a helpful article
    • Add a link to your website with useful info.
    • Get creative!
  • GoFundMe: Fundraising Tips – Sharing

Be Grateful

  • Thank everyone
  • Share updates
  • Share how the money you collected helped others!

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