SEO Tip: Do not delete your top website pages

Google Analytics graph - SEO
Photo by Web Hosting on Unsplash

It’s a bad practice to remove website pages, especially your top traffic pages.
If user comes to your website from Google, and gets a 404 – “Page Not Found” error, it’s bad for you and bad for Google.
Google might penalize your website for removing pages it indexed and presents as useful to its users/customers. Google doesn’t want people to be disappointed, and I bet you don’t want your visitors to be disappointed as well.

For example:

  • On a Vehicle information website: If multiple pages get consolidated into one, it would make sense to add redirects from the original pages to the new page.
  • On a Yoga website: If yoga workshop is over, it would make sense to keep the original page, even if you remove it from the menu on your website.
sample of a website that deleted top pages
Google Search Console graph of a website after it deleted a dozen of top web pages

Note: You can use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get inside information and issue warnings from Google.

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