SEO Tips: How can I improve my SEO?

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Key Words

“We’re so concerned with building the swimming pool that we often forget the water” – Episerver Training

When you say “How can I improve my SEO?“… are you asking “How can I trick Google?

So the real question is “Can you trick Google?

What is Google?
Google Search Engine is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google is the most powerful computer power in the world with AI computer platform running on 100 million servers. 

So… No, you can’t trick Google!

Let’s use examples!
I upload a video about massaging your feet. Google* parses my video and tags it with “aunt feet” and “foot fetish” key words. Google uses keywords I did not see in my video (I swear!). It knows more about my content than I do. It’s smarter than you can ever imagine!

What does Google think about me? Does it think I’m using my funny feet to get traffic to my YouTube Channel? Yes and no! It knows I work in IT, so I hope it knows I have Integrity… but to prove it, I’m not going to use a photo of my feet to promote this SEO Post 😉.
I did record another video, to be honest about my feet. I still look at Google Analytics! That video has over 1000 views, but to be honest still with the same key words. God help me!

So… “Can you trick Google?“… I don’t think so!!!

We’re back to: How can I improve my SEO?

  • Start with the Content!
  • Find your Niche! (in our sample, it was a very smart woman with a sexy Russian accent and very funny Feet)
  • Do your best!
  • Read books!
  • Use your intuition!
  • Pray (I know sounds like this doesn’t belong here…. but trust me… I’m working on a new video… I hope I can explain it better).

* YouTube is owned by Google so their AIs are friends and allowed to share all the data

Questions to Consider

  • Is AI looks at us like a child looks at a parent? At first, it just following all the instructions (kind of), but then can get disillusioned by the parent’s imperfections. How can we show AI, that we’re not so bad… we’re complex.
  • What is our intuition? Our human intelligence?
  • What is it we’re connected to that helps us see deep connections between relatively unconnected things?

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  1. Very straightforward, clear advice, Sonya! Especially, “Start with the Content” & “Find your Niche!” And, use free tools to start, such as your own Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and then try out the free tools at MozPro.

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