Tips: What is an alternative to Toilet Paper🧻?

Is there an alternative to Toilet Paper 🧻?

Toilet Question
Toilet Question, Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Is there an alternative to Toilet Paper?
It’s Water**!
How can you use water to clean important parts of your body:

  1. Use water in a small jug
  2. Use a shower-head
  3. Use a bidet. There are many variation of it, some are portable… just a bottle with a smart handle.

** You’ll still need a little bit of toilet paper to finish your cleaning work

Toilet Paper - Don't panic
Toilet Paper – Don’t panic

Please read wonderful information shared by my friend Frannie Stein:

Believe it or not, toilet paper is a $9.6 billion industry, and only two percent of TP purchased each year is made from an environmentally friendly recycling process. Considering the fact that the equivalent of 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet each day, that makes sustainability a pressing issue.

Is it time to trash the 🧻 toilet paper  and get on board with the bidet?  

You should never totally trade in your toilet paper, says David Kaufman, M.D., a urologist in New York City. “Cleaner is always better, but a bidet can’t be a substitute for toilet paper,” he says, explaining that a bidet wash alone isn’t enough to do the real dirty work of cleaning with toilet paper.

That being said, bidets can be beneficial for your lady bits by helping to reduce the spread of bacteria, cut down on irritation that can be caused by wiping too much, and keep you fresh before and after sex. Basically, experts tout the use of a bidet in any situation where it’s difficult to clean yourself properly or when you have cause to be wary of extra bacteria (like after getting down and dirty).

Adding a bidet to your bathroom routine might be even more beneficial for some women in particular: They can be especially useful if you’re prone to UTIs, says Kaufman. “UTIs are most commonly caused by vaginal bacteria,” he says, adding that women who are at risk for UTIs can benefit from washing with a bidet before and especially after sex. (According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, frequent sex, diabetes, obesity, and a narrowed tube in the urinary tract can all increase your odds of getting a UTI.) Since most places in the U.S. still don’t have bidets, “the next best thing is to hop into the shower and use a handheld shower-head,” says Kaufman. No handheld shower-head? Use a washcloth or your hands—just skip the loofah, which can create small tears and expose you to infection. 

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