American Culture of Individualism or how can we work as a Team?

Teamwork - kids play
Photo by Anna Samoylova on Unsplash
Bashkortostan, Russia
These children play the ancient game of tug-of-war. The photo was taken on the day during the festival of children’s creativity in Russia.

Did you know that May 1st is “International Workers’ Day”?
It’s Holiday in Russia, Ecuador, and India, among other countries.
But not in USA.

Why do you think May 1st isn’t a Holiday in USA?

That brings me to a realization that kids in USA are being trained to be individuals, to compete with each other every step of the way, not to know how to organize… or even how to help each other.
It makes it so difficult when they grow up to come to their work places, and work together as a team.

Sports are the only thing in USA that teaches teamwork!!!

Yet, it’s mostly for boys…

What do you think about the culture that makes the most beautiful, flexible, talented girls into cheerleaders?

In Russia they dance. It used to be mostly Ballet… and I agree the skirts are crazy… but… they are stars!!! They could show love through dance. Did you see the swan dance?

But in USA… The same beautiful and talented girls are cheerleaders…
One guess, is that boys would want to go kick each other even more. I know boys want to do it anyway… but… cheerleaders … oh!!!

Do you want your sister or a daughter to be a cheerleader?… maybe… it is probably a lot of fun…. it’s good… if there’s Love ♥️

Do you want your son to get a head-injury?

This brings me to another question… what’s wrong with soccer ⚽️?

It’s not perfect either… but it’s “no hands” Sport.

What does it has to do with May 1st?

USA is set to prevent people from organizing! You’re always on your own. In USSR it was the same group of kids going through grades. We would become friends. In USA, if you have a friend, they’ll make sure to have you in a different classes next year.

You’re always on your own, and you always compete with each other!

What happens when you don’t know how to organize?
Imagine you have a rotten person at work. Someone who takes credit for other people work. Someone who lies, and is so insecure that out of being afraid of loosing his top guy position, he makes other people fail. A person who would make company he works for loose money, just to make sure another successful manager doesn’t succeed.
Would it be amazing if everyone who worked at that small private company came to the owner as group and said: “Choose! It’s this guy or us! It’s this guy or your whole team!”?
That doesn’t happen. The owner of that small private company starts loosing his super stars, yet he might not see what happens… for one reason or another. So his company slowly falls apart. If lucky he’ll sell it before website traffic takes a real dive down.

As you can see, I really don’t know that much about football 🏈

I know team sports are good. Team building is good. You have to trust each other. How else can you play… or work together!!!

And I understand on May 2nd of 2020, we don’t know what sports our kids and grand-kids will play. But it can’t be just chess… we’ll have to figure out how they can play…. Soccer looks real promising to me! ⚽️

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