Toastmasters: How to Complete a Pathways Project?

Did you give a speech at your Toastmasters club and are ready to complete your Pathways project, as suggested by your friendly club officer? How do you complete a Pathways Project? Easy! Just follow these steps.

Note: Please use your computer as Pathways Base Camp website isn’t optimized for your mobile device

  1. Login to Pathways online system “Base Camp.
  2. In Base Camp, scroll down to My Education Transcript section and click “Open Curriculum” link. "Open Curriculum" link
  3. On your project row click “Activate” button, if you haven’t done it before, then click “Lunch” button.
  4. In the footer of the new window find “select to move to another section:” drop-down box, and select the last option “Asses Your Skills – After“.
  5. Complete the Assessment.
  6. See “Congratulations!” screen.
  7. Congratulations!

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